In view of the magnet search to non-manual retrieval, according to the keyword you type automatically generate links to third-party web pages, in addition to the magnet search terms of service, all other use of magnet search may be caused by accidents, negligence, infringement (Including downloading of third-party web sites that are linked to a third-party web site that is infected with a computer virus), MAGNETIC SEARCH shall not be liable to you and shall not be liable for any liability whatsoever.
    Any third-party web pages that are searched for by using Magnet Search are manufactured or provided by others, and you may obtain information and services from such third-party web pages. Magneto Search is not responsible for its legality or any liability .
    Magnet Search Search results are automatically generated based on the keywords you type and generate, do not represent the content or position on the third-party web pages to which the magnet search favors the search links.
    You should be at your own risk to use the results of the search engine. MAGNETIC SEARCH DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND: THAT THE GOODS WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, THAT THE SERVICES WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED AND THE SAFETY, ACCURACY, TIMELINESS AND LEGALITY OF THE SEARCH RESULTS IS NOT GUARANTEE. Due to network conditions, communication lines, third-party sites and other reasons you can not use the normal magnet search, magnet search does not assume any legal responsibility.
    Magneto Search Respects and protects all personal information that is used to search for users personal privacy, your registered user name, e-mail address, etc., without your permission or in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, magnet search will not take the initiative Leaked to a third party. Magnet Search reminds you that the keywords you enter when using the search engine will not be considered your personal data.
    Any site that does not want to be indexed by magnet search (ie, not searched) should be promptly reported to the magnets search, or annotated with the Robots Exclusion Protocol on its site page, otherwise the magnet search will By convention, it is considered a site.
    Any unit or individual that through the magnet search links to third-party web content may be suspected of infringing its right to information network communication, should promptly submit a written notice to the magnet search and provide proof of identity, proof of ownership and detailed infringement proof. Magnet Search After receiving the above legal documents, the related links will be disconnected as soon as possible. For more information, see the copyright protection statement for a specific channel.
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